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  • Getting Started (1)

    Get started by learning the basics of how to use and operate Optuma.
  • Troubleshooting and FAQs (111)

    Are you having issues getting Optuma to work? You may find the solution you are looking for here.
  • What is New in Optuma (8)

    This section will provide information as to what is included in each major update of Optuma.

  • Data (91)

    For information on end-of-day, real-time, and third-party data in Optuma, please see these articles.
  • Charts (142)

    Charts are the starting point of Technical Analysis. We apply tools to them, measure from them, we even invert and stretch them. Optuma has a variety of charts available with an exceptional level of interaction and control.
  • Tools (498)

    Contains information on all tools that are available in Optuma with descriptions on how to apply them to a chart and their actions and properties.
  • Settings (17)

    This section will cover the Settings menu for Optuma. The Settings menu allows you to adjust and control the parameters for the various features available in Optuma.
  • General Usage and Interface (76)

    This category contains articles on general usage of Optuma, as well as information on the Optuma interface and charts.
  • Scripting (106)

    Optuma brings you one of the easiest to use formula languages ever seen in a trading platform. Many of the modules in Optuma use this language (including Watchlists, the Back Tester, Scanning Manager and Alerts Manager) providing you with a high level of customisation. Video tutorials here.
  • Scanning and Testing (13)

    Are you interested in Quantitative Testing? Look no further for information on how to back test, signal test, re-balance, etc in Optuma.
  • Publishing (14)

    The Publishing Module in Optuma (Enterprise Services subscription only) allows you to easily share detailed analysis reports with colleagues or clients. Reports can be created effortlessly using Workbooks, Symbol Lists, Chart Headers, Page Headers and Layouts with the final results being saved to PDF, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, or hosted on Optuma's publishing website. The module also allows for automated publishing via Command Lines and Windows Task Manager.
  • Gann and Astro (110)

    Do you have the Gann Lite or GannTrader edition of Optuma? Are you interested in Gann and Astro analysis in Optuma? See the articles here for more information.

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