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  1. Adjusting Session Times for Realtime charts  
  2. Adjusting your Display Resolution  
  3. Can I have Optuma installed on more than one computer?  
  4. Can I Run Optuma on an Apple Mac?  
  5. Can Optuma automatically identify chart patterns?  
  6. Diagnostic Report  
  7. European Exchange Data - Symbology  
  8. How can I add more space to the left of the first bar on a chart?  
  9. How can I create a Watchlist from chart in an existing workbook?  
  10. How can I get copies of my invoices?  
  11. How can I ignore splits / dilutions in my charts?  
  12. How Can I Reinstall Optuma?  
  13. How can I see all calendar days (ie weekends and holidays) on my charts?  
  14. How can I transfer my existing workbooks, settings, templates, scans, etc to a new computer?  
  15. How do I Access Purchased Videos or Documents?  
  16. How do I add Realtime Data to Optuma?  
  17. How do I change my colour scheme from White to either Light or Dark?  
  18. How do I disable the automatic data downloads?  
  19. How do I increase the amount of intraday history available in my charts?  
  20. How do I remove a Chart Layout from a page but keep my work?  
  21. How do I Remove the Watermark from my Image Files?  
  22. How do I show more time in to the future on my charts?  
  23. How do I Upgrade from Optuma 32 bit (Market Analyst 8) to Optuma 64bit?  
  24. How Do I Use a Proxy Server?  
  25. How to create a Watchlist from an existing workbook  
  26. How to retrieve System Information using DXDIAG  
  27. How to take Screenshots and Share Chart Images  
  28. How to Whitelist emails from Optuma  
  29. I've lost my password!  
  30. Important Announcement - FTSE/Russell Indices  
  31. Installing Optuma from Trial Email (new clients)  
  32. Is there a Navigation Console in Optuma?  
  33. MA6 vs Optuma Gann Swings  
  34. Optuma Installation Guide  
  35. Printing complete Watchlists that do not fit on the screen  
  36. Remote Access using Zoom  
  37. Resources to help you get the most out of Optuma  
  38. Running Optuma in Administration Mode  
  39. System Requirements: Can My Computer Run Optuma?  
  40. The Price Scale isn't automatically resizing  
  41. Using Optuma on a Cloud-Based Windows PC  
  42. Where are my Workbook files stored?  
  43. Why are my automated backups taking so long to save?  
  44. Why are some Circle tools drawing incorrectly?  
  45. Why can Degree Counts vary between two dates  
  46. Why is My Security Software Detecting a Virus in a Optuma File?  
  47. Why is the current bar dated next Friday, when today is only Tuesday?  
  48. Why is there a small cross in front of the Mouse Pointer?  
  49. Will My 3rd Party Data Work in Optuma?  
  50. Will my MA4 or MA6 Files work with Optuma?  
  51. Will my MA7 or MA8 files work in Optuma?  

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