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Troubleshooting Optuma.

Knowledge Base

  1. Backup has Failed  
  2. Data no longer displays when I hover my mouse over a bar  
  3. Data Streamed from IB: The chart in Optuma differs to the chart in TWS  
  4. Display issues - Disable Visual Themes  
  5. Display Issues - Video Drivers  
  6. Distorted Watchlist Fonts after Windows 10 Update  
  7. Exporting Windows Event Log  
  8. FAQ on Updating Credit Cards  
  9. How to Restore a File from Automatic Backups  
  10. How to use DebugView  
  11. Integrated Graphics Card Overriding Nvidia Card  
  12. Integrated Intel Graphics used over Dedicated Radeon Card  
  13. Line Width Sliders aren't working for Mac Users with VMWare Fusion  
  14. Linking and Unlinking Layers  
  15. Login issues - allowing access to Optuma IP addresses and servers  
  16. Market Analyst 4 & 6 FAQ  
  17. Optuma access denied when accessing from China  
  18. Optuma Disappearing or Not Appearing on Start up  
  19. Optuma does not open Maximised  
  20. Optuma has sent me an email, but it's not here?  
  21. Optuma Installation Issue - Compression Error  
  22. Optuma just disappears  
  23. Optuma missing a critical file  
  24. Optuma no longer connecting to TWS  
  25. Optuma Not Working on a Dell Alienware System  
  26. Optuma Text is Very Small  
  27. Optuma Unresponsive after Login  
  28. Revert the Latest Optuma Update to the Previous Version  
  29. The Dates On My Charts Dates Are In US Format: How Can I Change Them?  
  30. The Optuma close value is different from the eSignal platform  
  31. Unable to Login after Mac OS Catalina Update  
  32. US Commodities Data Delay - 05-02-2020  
  33. US Commodities Data Delay - 30-01-2019  
  34. VMWare Fusion - Distorted Bars when thickness greater than 1  

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