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Optuma Fundamental Data - What data is available?

Fundamental data is available for Australia, US, Canada, London, China, Japan and Hong Kong equity markets (note that the equity markets have to be enabled on your account for the fundamental data to show).

The following data fields are available:

1 Year Annual Revenue Growth Rate
3 Year Annual Revenue Growth Rate
5 Year Annual Income Growth Rate
5 Year Annual Revenue Growth Rate
5 Year Average Gross Profit Margin
5 Year Average Net Profit Margin
5 Year Average PE Ratio
5 Year Average Return On Assets
5 Year Average Return On Invested Capital
5 Year High PE Ratio
5 Year Low PE Ratio
Company Address - Line 1
Company Address - Line 2
ADR To Common Share Ratio
Auditors Opinion
Book Value
Book Value Per Share
Business Description
Cash & Equivalents - Generic
Cash Flow Per Share
Cash Per Share
Chief Executive Officer
Common Shares Outstanding - Security Level
Common Shares Used to Calculate EPS - Fully Diluted
Company Founded Date
Company Name
Corporate Location - Country
Current Ratio
Current Revenue Per Employee
Dividend Ex-Date
Dividend Ex-Date, Semi-Annual
Payout Ratio
Dividend Rate
Dividends Per Share LTM- Security
Dividends Per Share - Security
Dividends Per Share - Security, Semi-Annual
Dividend Yield - Fiscal
Dividend Yield - Security
Country Of Domicile
Earnings Growth
EBIT Margin
EBIT (Operating Income)
EBIT Per Share
Earnings Per Share - Fiscal Period
EPS - Basic - Before Extraordinaries
Earnings Per Share - Security Level
FactSet Company Entity ID
Fax Number
Fiscal Period End Date
Fiscal Period Length - Days
Fiscal Period - Start Date
Float As Percent Of Shares Outstanding
Float - Current
Free Cash Flow Per Share (Diluted)
General Industry Classification
Gross Income Margin
Industry Name
Instrument Class
Instrument Level Industry
Instrument Level Sector
Investor Relations Email
ISO Country Code
Business Description - Extended
Long Term Debt
Long Term Debt To Equity Ratio
Long Term Debt To Total Capital
Market Capitalization
Market Capitalization - Fiscal
Market Capitalization Fully Diluted
Market Capitalization - Security Level
Net Income From Continuing Operations
Number of Employees
Price to Earnings Growth Ratio
PE Ratio
PE Ratio - Fiscal
PE Ratio - Security Level
Percent Of Shares Outstanding Held By Insiders
Phone Number
Pre Tax Interest Coverage Ratio
Price To Book
Price To Book - Fiscal
Price To Cash Flow
Price To Free Cash Flow
Price To Sales - Fiscal
Price To Tangible Book - Fiscal
Price To Tangible Book
Quick Ratio
Return On Assets
Return On Average Total Equity
Return On Common Equity
Revenue Per Share
Revenue To Assets
Total Sales (or Revenue)
Sector Name
Security is Primary Issue
Shares Held By Institutions
Shares - Number Of Closely Held
Shares Outstanding
Shares Outstanding - Current
Share Type - Security
SIC Code
State Of Incorporation
Tangible Book Value Per Share
Total Assets
Total Cash
Total Debt
Total Enterprise Value
Total Expenses
Total Liabilities
Weekly Volume As Percent Of Shares Outstanding
Working Capital Per Share
Zip Code

Adding Fundamental data to a Chart

To add numerical data to a chart use the DataField tool, and select the required field.

Adding Fundamental data to Watchlists Columns

See here.

Scripting / Scanning on Fundamental Data

Use the DataField() function to select the field to be used.

TIP: For quicker scans tick the Latest Value Only box so the entire history doesn't have to be downloaded by the scan. So for a scan of Market Cap greater than $1 billion use the following:



When mousing over the data field - either when adding a watchlist column or creating a script formula - a box will pop up with a description of the data:


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