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Watchlist - Automatic Grouping


Professional and Enterprise Services clients can automatically group watchlist columns by type eg sector, true/false or if the column is a number the list can be grouped by sign (positive or negative), decile, quartile or grouped in to a custom number of 'bins.'

To group the column right-click on the header and select Group By Column:

It's also possible to enable grouping in the Watchlist Properties panel:

If the column is numerical eg YTD%, there will be other options, eg sign, decile, quartile, or to group in to a custom number of bins (for example, 20 bins :

Remove Groupings

To remove a grouping right-click on the column and select Clear Grouping.

Group Summary Stats

Once grouped, summary stats can be added to the group heading rows by right-clicking in the appropriate column and click on on Summary Type. The options are:

  • Sum
  • Average
  • Count
  • Median
To remove the summary stats select 'None.'

Primary and Sub-Groups

It's also possible to group within groups, such as Sector and Industry. Group by the Sector column first, then Industry. In this example, the 9 Commercial Services companies has been grouped by 3 Industries, with summary stats for each group:

Collapsing/Expanding Groups

To collapse groups click the '-' in the Code header, and to expand again click the '+'

Collapse the groups to see the summary stats:

With sub-groups:

Click the + to see the stocks within the industry. In this example, the 4 Packaged Software companies had an average Year to Date gain of 34.53%, compared to only 20.35% for the Health Technology sector.

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