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Astro Tools applied to Swing Charts


Available from Optuma v1.4

The majority of Astro tools can be applied to swing style charts (Gann, Percent, Point, etc).


Note: As swing charts handle dates differently to standard chart types (like Bar, Candle, Line, etc) the astro cache will build the first time an Astro indicator is applied to a swing chart. Depending on the date range being covered and the speed of your system this process can take between a few seconds and a few minutes to complete.

Supported Tools

The following tools support application to Swing charts:

  • Angle Returns
  • Apogee / Perigee
  • Aspect Returns
  • Eclipse
  • Ephemeris Tool
  • Helion Transits
  • Latitude Transits
  • Moon Phases
  • Natal Transits
  • Parallel Transits
  • Planetary Angles
  • Planetary Aspects
  • Planetary Decans
  • Planetary Labels
  • Planetary Retrograde
  • Planetary Sign Changes
  • Planetary Signs
  • Progressed Aspects
  • Progressed Transits

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