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Optuma Breadth Measures Data

Optuma's Market Breadth Measures* data calculates the following daily data for the ASX, S&P indices (S&P400, 500, 600, and 1500), Nasdaq, Nasdaq 100, NYSE and TSX exchanges. These can be displayed as a chart or in the Breadth Data tool:

% above 20SMA
% above 40SMA
% above 50SMA
% above 200SMA
Advance-Decline Line
Number of Advances
Number of Declines
Advance - Decline
Advance - Decline Percent
Advance Decline Ratio
Advance Decline Volume Percent
Advancing-Declining Volume Line
Advancing Volume
Declining Volume
% New 6 month highs
% New 6 month lows
% within 20% of 52 week high
% New 52 week highs
% New 52 week lows
High Low Percent
% RSI(14) > 70
% RSI(14) < 30

Here's the ticker symbols for SPX:

Adding the data to your account

To add the data to your account log in to your account page and click on the Modify button in the Data section, and select Breadth Measures under Global Data, and then scroll down and click the Save button, beneath your monthly subscription total and billing date.

My Optuma Account Page


* To build your own custom breadth measures will require the Technical Market Breadth module.

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