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Pivot() Function

The Pivot function uses the same functionality as the Pivot Labels tool to identify turning points in either a price chart or an indicator.

To calculate the value of the last 15 bar pivot high, and show in a watchlist column or Show Plot:

//Define the pivot criteria
V1=PIVOT(MIN=15, TYPE=High);
//Get the high price when the last V1 pivot occurred

To scan for when the closing price crosses below a 10 bar pivot low:

//Define the pivot criteria
//Get the low price when the last V1 pivot occurred
CLOSE() CrossesBelow V2

To highlight on a the price chart when the RSI(14) has a 20 bar pivot low using a Show Bar (note pivot lows have a negative number, so need to be below 0 to be true):


IMPORTANT NOTE: The value of the last label can change as new data gets added to the chart.

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