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Setting up Cryptowatch Data in Optuma

The Cryptowatch terminal provides realtime data for hundreds of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, and Monero. With a Cryptowatch Basic or Pro account and an active Optuma subscription you can create an API key to connect to Optuma for realtime and intraday charts.

Cryptowatch accounts are broken into 3 tiers...

The Basic Cryptowatch account is provided for the first 30 days when you sign up and allows for 5Gb of data to be sent via the API. If you hit this limit the real-time data will only load historical information (no new ticks will come in without needing to clear the cache).

After the initial 30 days expires your account will be downgraded automatically to a Free version which does not included real-time API access (ie the chart will load and the data will populate however the chart will remain static, you can only add new data by reloading the chart or clearing cache to bar). If you wish to keep access to the Basic level account features (5Gb of API data stream per month) the cost is $15 per month.

They also have a Pro level account which is $75 per month and includes real-time data for all available crypto-codes with upto 75Gb of API data stream per month.

Creating an Account

On the Cryptowatch site click .Create Account for a free demo account:

  • Once created, click on My Account and then API Access
  • Click on Generate Key
  • Highlight the public key and CTRL+C to copy

In Optuma, click on Data > Configure Data Providers, and select Cryptowatch. Click Next, and in the window paste (CTRL+V) the API key in to the box and click Next:


Double-click on the Cryptowatch exchange to move it to Selected Exchanges, and click Apply:


Once connected the Data menu button should turn green, and say Cryptowatch Connected when moused over (along with any other connected datafeeds):

The Cryptowatch exchange will then be available as an existing exchange in the Security Selection window. Type the symbol of the required coin eg BTCUSD for Bitcoin and select it from the Cryptowatch exchange:


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