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How to Choose Which GPU Optuma Uses on Windows 10


Many new computers - especially laptops - come with two video cards: a powerful dedicated video card from either nVidia and AMD, and a lower-powered Intel card.

Sometimes Windows will open Optuma using the less powerful card, which can lead to display or performance issues.

You can override this selection and force Windows 10 to always use the dedicated video card when opening Optuma. Previously this required the use of AMD or nVidia's own software, however after a recent update this can now be controlled directly from Windows settings.


1. To assign Optuma to a dedicated card, go to Settings > System > Display in Windows.
2. Scroll down and click the Graphics Settings link.

3. To select Optuma choose Classic app or Desktop app in the box, click the Browse button,

4. Locate the Optuma.exe file on your system. By default the location of the file will be located here:

C:\Program Files\Optuma\Optuma.exe

5. The Optuma applications you added will appear in a list on the Graphics Settings page. Go to the Optuma app and click the Options button.

6. In the window that opens, select the High Performance option, the click the Save button.

Once this has been done Optuma should always open using your dedicated video card.

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