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Triangle Example

 // Sample script for Market Analyst tool scripting
 // This section is where variable are defined that need to be used in both the Init and Process procedures
     Line1 : TLine;
     Line2 : TLine;
     Line3 : TLine;
 // DefineTool is where the settings for the Tool are defined
 // This procedure is called once when the tool is loaded
 // Normally this procedure does not need to be changed
 procedure DefineTool(Tool : TTool);
     Tool.Name := 'Triangle';
     Tool.MouseClicks := 3;     
     Tool.Hint := '';
     Tool.ToolType := ttDrawing;
 // Init is called to initialise the tool
 // This procedure is called once when the tool is added to a chart
 procedure Init(Tool : TTool);
    Line1 := Tool.AddLine();
    Line1.Color := clRed;
    Line2 := Tool.AddLine();
    Line2.Color := clGreen;
    Line3 := Tool.AddLine();
    Line3.Color := clBlue;
 // Process is called to calculate and drawn the tool on screen
 // This procedure is called when new data is received or loaded and 
 // when a selection point is moved by the user 
 procedure Process(Tool : TTool; ProcessStart : Integer; ProcessEnd : Integer; DataIn : TDataList);
    Line1.P1.Date := Tool.MP[0].Date;
    Line1.P1.Price := Tool.MP[0].Price;
    Line1.P2.Date := Tool.MP[1].Date;
    Line1.P2.Price := Tool.MP[1].Price;
    Line2.P1.Date := Tool.MP[1].Date;
    Line2.P1.Price := Tool.MP[1].Price;
    Line2.P2.Date := Tool.MP[2].Date;
    Line2.P2.Price := Tool.MP[2].Price;
    Line3.P1.Date := Tool.MP[2].Date;
    Line3.P1.Price := Tool.MP[2].Price;
    Line3.P2.Date := Tool.MP[0].Date;
    Line3.P2.Price := Tool.MP[0].Price;

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