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Square of 9 Dates


The Square of 9 Dates tool in Optuma will display a number of vertical lines on your charts based on solar degree separations, where 360-degrees equals a calendar year. Each of these lines can represent a potential turning point in the market. The degree separations are user defined, so it is up to you to work out which degree separations work best for a given chart.


To apply the Square of 9 Dates to your chart, select the tool from the Gann tool group. With the tool selected, left-click once on the chart to choose a starting point from which the dates will be plotted.

Actions & Properties


Add New Level: Allows new angles to be added or existing angles to be edited. See Levels in the Properties section below for more information.

Add to Toolbar: Click this action to add the selected tool to your custom toolbar.

Apply Settings to All: When multiple Square of 9 Dates have been applied to a chart, page or workbook, this action can be used to apply the settings of the one selected to other instances of the tool. This is a great time saver if an adjustment is made to the tool - such as changing colours - as this allows all the other Square of 9 Dates in the chart, page or entire workbook to be updated instantly.

Copy Data to Clipboard: Will copy the tool's values to the clipboard which can then be inserted into a spreadsheet, for example, allowing for further analysis.

Copy Tool: Allows the selected tool to be copied, which can then be pasted onto a different chart window.

Move to Back: If the lines of the tool are displaying in front of other tools or indicators clicking this action will move the lines view to the background.

Move to Front: If the lines of the tool are displaying behind other tools or indicators on the chart, clicking this action will bring the lines to the forefront.

Restore Default Settings: Click this action if you have adjusted the default settings of the tool, and wish to return to the standard properties originally installed with Optuma.

Save Settings as Default: If you have adjusted any of the tool's properties (colour, for example) you can save the adjustments as your new default setting. Each time you apply the tool to a chart it will display using the new settings.

Delete: Deletes the tool from the chart.


Tool Name: Allows for the name of the tool to be changed, as displayed in the Structure Panel.

Levels: Click on this option to display the different degree lineĀ  levels.
To add a new degree line to the chart, left-click on the blue + button and enter the values as needed.
  • Value - Sets the number of solar degrees for the dates to be calculated. To change the value amount, click in the field and enter the new value.
  • Line Style - Sets the line type, width, colour and transparency of the lines.
  • Visible - To hide a level, deselect the check box with the green tick.

Coordinate Type: Ecliptic or Equatorial.

Repeat Style: Alters how the intervals are repeated, can be set to Every Step, First Step or All Exact Steps.

Direction: The dates can be calculated going forward from the starting point, or in reverse.

Base Line Style: Allows you to adjust the style, width, colour and visibility of the starting point line.

Line Over All Views: Ticking this box will extend the lines of the Square of 9 Dates tool across the entire height of the page, including any indicators contained within their own view (eg Volume, or RSI).

Show Labels: This provides an option to show or hide the labels for each line.

Start Date: Click here to specify the starting point of the tool.

Tool Transparency: Use this slider bar to adjust the transparency of the tool. Moving the slider to the left will increase the transparency of the tool.

Visible: Un-tick this checkbox to hide the tool from the chart.

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