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Full Screen View - F11

Optuma includes two additional view settings for charts, and can be accessed via the keyboard shortcut F11. This is particularly useful if you want to print a larger chart, or have undocked charts on another monitor that can be maximized without duplicating the menus (if you need to apply tools don't forget the right-click menu or keyboard shortcuts instead of using the menus).

Note: some computers have the function keys assigned to other commands, in which case press the Function (Fn) key on your keyboard and F11 at the same time.

Standard View

1st Stage Extended View

Press F11 once: The menus and custom toolbar are hidden, and the Actions/Properties and Structure panels are closed (if they were open).

2nd Stage Extended View

Press F11 a second time: Both the left hand Action Bar and page tabs are hidden, filling the screen with just the chart:

Return to Standard View

To return to the standard view, press F11 a third time.

Tip: the History Slider can also be minimised (click and drag the lower edge up) or hidden completely by unticking the Show History Slider option under the chart properties:

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