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Printing Charts


To print a chart click on the Print icon on the left-hand Actions bar, or use the CTRL+P keyboard shortcut. This will create a PDF version of the chart and your PDF viewer will automatically open: click the print icon in the PDF viewer to complete the process.

Note: To print you must have a PDF viewer installed on your system, such as  Adobe Acrobat or  Foxit Reader.

When the PDF file is created it is automatically saved to your system, allowing you to attach the file to an email and send to colleagues or clients.:


See here for creating image files instead of PDFs.


Right-clicking on the print icon brings up the options panel. From here you can select to print the workbook or the active chart on the screen.

Note: If the workbook option is selected, a window will open allowing you to select which charts to print from the workbook.


The program will try to fit the chart the best it can to size and orientation selected. However, this may change the aspect ratio of the chart (particularly if portrait orientation is used). Click the Maintain Chart Aspect box to keep the same proportion as that of the screen.

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