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Chart Grouping


Page grouping allows you to setup a combination of multiple Watchlists and charts which are sorted and linked into different groups.

In the following example, the top left Watchlist and the top 2 charts have been grouped together in one group (green). The bottom left Watchlist and the bottom chart have been grouped together in a different group (pink).


The green Watchlist in the green group consists of stocks in a portfolio, and the pink Watchlist consists of various indices.

As I left-click on a code in the green grouped Watchlist, the two charts grouped together are updated. The pink grouped chart is not updated.


You can have a maximum of 11 different groups on a single page. Note: If you open a new chart from a Watchlist that has a group colour set, the new chart will automatically be assigned to the same group.


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The grouping diamonds can also be used to link price charts to other chart types, such as Relative Rotation Graphs, Market Intelligence Charts (including Column and Bubble charts), the Ephemeris (Astro clients only).

When the grouping diamond is added to the linked chart a vertical line appears on the price chart. Drag the line to move the linked chart:


Below is a video demonstrating the Chart Grouping function in Optuma:

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