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Chart Grouping


Page grouping allows you to setup a combination of multiple Watchlists and charts which are sorted and linked into different groups.

In the following example, the top left Watchlist and the top 2 charts have been grouped together in one group (green). The bottom left Watchlist and the bottom chart have been grouped together in a different group (pink).


The green Watchlist in the green group consists of stocks in a portfolio, and the pink Watchlist consists of various indices.

As I left-click on a code in the green grouped Watchlist, the two charts grouped together are updated. The pink grouped chart is not updated.


You can have a maximum of 11 different groups on a single page.


Setting up a Chart Group

Located along the top-right corner of a charts title bar, will be a small diamond icon. When you left-click on this icon, 7 different coloured icons will display:

Left-click on the group colour you want to assign the chart.

Note: If you open a new chart from a Watchlist that has a group colour set, the new chart will automatically be assigned to the same group.


Below is a video demonstrating the Chart Grouping function in Optuma:

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