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Importing & Exporting Layers


Similar to Templates, exporting layers allows you to save the contents of a layer, for use on future charts. The significant difference between Exported Layers and templates is that when you import a layer onto a chart, any existing work you have on the chart remains as well.

Exporting a Layer

To export a layer, add all the tools and indicators you want the layer to include. Once the layer has been created, right click on the word Layer in the Structures panel and then from the Actions menu select Export Layer.


In the Window that displays, enter a name for the Layer and click Save.


Note: The Optuma folder will live in your Documents folder unless you have moved it to OneDrive or Google Drive, etc.

The Layer will be exported, ready for use on future charts.

Importing a Layer

To import a layer onto an existing chart, in the Structure Panel, right-click the View item and select Import Layer from the Actions menu.


A list of exported layers will be displayed, double left-click the one you want to import. The new layer will be added to the existing chart.


The indicators will be added to the chart, without removing any previous analysis you had on the chart.


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