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Data Update Alert


When opening a chart in Optuma if the most recent data is not displayed, Optuma will alert you to this fact by placing a warning on the chart as demonstrated below.


As you roll your mouse over the alert you are then presented with the option to either fix the data issue or hide the alert symbol from the chart. If you select Fix, then Optuma will automatically try to source the most recent data from the nominated source to update the chart.


After the data has been updated on the chart the alert symbol will be automatically removed. Selecting Hide will also remove the alert from the chart.

Disabling the Data Alert

If you do not want the Data Alert to be displayed on your charts then this feature can be disabled from the Settings menu. From the Settings menu, you will need to select Workspace then Visual. You will then be able to deselect the check box next to the Show out of date data alerts function.


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