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Setting up IQFeed Data in Optuma


DTN IQFeed provide realtime and 15 minute delayed data for a number of exchanges, including US equities and commodities, Sydney Futures, London Stock Exchange and forex. For details on setting up an IQFeed account for realtime data in your Optuma charts please watch this video:

IQFeed contact

Trent Smalley, CMT - Business Development Manager:
US Toll Free: 800.475.4755 x8435
US Direct: +1 402.255.8435

Step-by-Step Guide

This article will take you through the process of setting up Optuma to use real-time data sourced from IQFeed.

Before you begin you need to have the following:
  • A DTN IQFeed Account (Username and password) - If you require an account you can signup for a free trial by clicking here.
  • The DTN IQFeed Data Client - you can download the program by clicking the download link here. Note that IQFeed will not appear as a data option under Data > Configure Data Providers in Optuma until the IQFeed Client has been installed.
  • An active Optuma subscription.
  • If you are using Optuma 2.1 or later you must be using version of the IQ API Client.


1. Log into Optuma.

2. Go to the Data menu and select the Configure Data Providers option.

3. In the window displayed select IQFeed and click Next.

Note: If IQFeed does not appear in the list of providers it means that the IQFeed Data Client has yet to be installed on your system. Download and install the client from here, and then restart Optuma.

4. In the window that displays click the Next button.

5. In the window displayed left-click the exchanges you want IQFeed to provide data for, then click the > button.

6. Once the required exchanges have been added to the right-hand side, click the Apply button.

7. The IQFeed login window will open. Enter your login details and click the Connect button.


8. Restart the program to complete the setup process. The Data menu button should now be green and when moused over will confirm the connection and display download stats.

Charts from the selected exchanges will now be using IQFeed data as the source, with intraday time frames available for selection.

Datafeed settings

Mousing over the Data > Data Providers > IQFeed menu brings up a window containing specific IQFeed settings:

Ignoring Out of Market Ticks

Pre- and post-market ticks can be ignored by selecting IQFeed under Data > Data Providers and ticking the box in the pop up window. This will limit the intraday charts to only update between regular market hours (ie 9:30am and 4pm New York time for US equities).

Note: this setting will have an effect of intraday time frames only, whereas daily charts (and higher) will reflect the price from the session only. Watchlists will always show out of market data - even if out of market ticks are turned off for the charts.

If Out of Market Ticks are not set to be ignored and you have a daily chart tiled alongside an intraday chart, after the session closes you will see new ticks updating the intraday chart (green price scale highlight), however the daily chart will remain static (red price scale highlight).

Time Between Quotes and Ticks

Use these settings to conserve system resources when using large watchlists and workbooks. This setting (500ms by default) will update charts, tools, and watchlists every half a second. Increase these values to reduce your system's processing requirements and improve performance.


If you are encountering problems with the IQFeed connection (Dropouts, Delays, Queued Data, Slow Response) try the following processes to resolve the issue:

If you continue to encounter issues please contact our support team:

Disclaimer: The IQFeed Corporation is the registered owner of the IQFeed trademark, and that IQFeed Corporation is not affiliated with, and does not sponsor or endorse Optuma.

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