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Setting up eSignal Data in Optuma (DISCONTINUED)


This article will take you through the process of setting up Optuma to use real-time data sourced from eSignal.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: eSignal has advised that all 3rd party applications (including Optuma) will be unable to connect to their data from November 30, 2022. If you are wanting to use live data with Optuma beyond that date you will need to use an alternative source such as IQFeed.

  • An eSignal account (with a username and password).
  • The 64-bit version of the eSignal software. Note, installations of eSignal from June 2022 will use a new folder path. For Optuma to connect to this new folder path you must have Optuma 2.1 or later installed.
  • Optuma with a service subscription or an active trial account.


1. Log in to Optuma.

2. Go to the Data menu and select the Configure Data Providers option.

3. In the window displayed select eSignal and click Next.

4. Enter your eSignal Username and Password, and click Next.


5. From the list of exchanges on the left-hand side select the exchanges you have data from eSignal for and add them to the right-hand side table. Once all desired exchanges have been added click the Apply button.


6. Then open a chart from one of the exchanges now linked to eSignal, and the data should be live - indicated by the last price being shown in the price scale.

7. If the data isn't live, restart Optuma and ensure the eSignal Data Manager initializes, and that the Data menu in Optuma turns green and states that eSignal is connected when moused over:


Intraday Data from eSignal, End of Day data from Optuma

Data is only downloaded from eSignal when the chart is opened. By default, when the exchanges are selected in the configuration process above, both the intraday and end-of-day data provider will be changed to eSignal. This means that the data will not be downloaded from our servers after the close, which is important if you wish to scan the exchange.

However, if you have the end-of-day data enabled from Optuma you can have the end-of-day data downloaded from Optuma at the end of the trading day from our servers, but get intraday updates from eSignal. To change the data settings for the US Equities for example, click on the Data menu button, then Exchanges > US Equities. Under End of Day Provider select Optuma Data, keeping the Intraday Provider as eSignal.


Adding a Futures or Commodity Contract

As eSignal uses a different naming convention for futures and commodity contract codes they have to be added manually to Optuma so the program is able to chart the real-time data.

1. To add a custom code to your copy of Optuma, type the eSignal symbol in to the search box in the Security Selection window and then click the magnifying glass icon to search the eSignal database and add it to you system (note: it may take several seconds for the symbol to be found).


Once added, click OK and the code will now appear in your system.

Other Common eSignal Symbols

Crude Oil - CL #F on the NYMEX Exchange
Gold - GC #F on the NYMEX Exchange
Dow eMini - YM #F on CBOT Exchange
Nasdaq 100 eMini - NQ #F on CME

The eSignal Corporation is the registered owner of the eSignal trademark, and that eSignal Corporation is not affiliated with, and does not sponsor or endorse Optuma.

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