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IQFeed and eSignal Code Search


If an IQFeed/eSignal security cannot be accessed using the standard Optuma codes, then you can use this function to add the new code into Optuma. For this function to work you will need to know the correct IQFeed/eSignal symbol.

To search for IQFeed symbols click here.

To search for eSignal symbols click here.

For example, the continuous futures contract for gold is QGC# in IQ Feed and GC #F in eSignal.

In Optuma open the Security Selection window (F3) and enter the symbol in the search box. After a couple of seconds, the symbol will be added to your system (note: if an existing symbol is returned click the magnifying glass icon to search again).

In the example below, the IQ Feed symbol for the S&P500 emini continuous contract (@ES#) has been entered in to the search box (for eSignal use ES #F).

After clicking the Search icon, the code is automatically obtained from the IQ Feed database creating both the custom code and corresponding IQ Feed exchange.

Once added double click to open the chart.

NOTE: when added the continuous contract symbol (eg CL #F for eSignal oil data) the current contract month will be added to the name which will not be updated when the contracts change. To fix, right-click on the code in the Security Selection window and select Edit Code and change the name accordingly.


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