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How do I add Realtime or Intraday Data to Optuma?

Optuma is compatible with a number of suppliers for realtime intraday data, allowing you to create charts in any timeframe (eg 5 minute, 65 minute, 120 minute, etc). Please contact them directly for your specific requirements and associated costs.

  • Bloomberg (global; Enterprise Services clients only, requires Bloomberg Professional Terminal)
  • IQFeed (US equities & commodities, Canada equities, Australian SPI futures, forex)
  • eSignal (global, including ASX, Indian NSE & BSE data, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Johannesburg, and China)
  • Interactive Brokers (global, including ASX; requires brokerage account)
  • TD Ameritrade (US equities only)
  • Global Datafeeds (Indian NSE data)
Free MT4 forex data providers:

For instructions on how to configure the data from each provider in Optuma, please click here.

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