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How to Restore a File from Automatic Backups

All your work is stored locally on your computer, which means that if your computer suffers a major malfunction you are in peril of losing all your work. As such, we highly recommend making a regular copy of your files to an external drive or cloud location (eg OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox) so your work can be restored.

See here for details on how to change your backup location and frequency.

To restore a file from backup:
- Click on the Settings menu and select Backup Settings.
- Select the date from which to back up from, and expand the required folder (click the +) to restore the selected file:

When the backup file is restored the existing file will be overwritten, so rename the current file prior to restoring if you want to keep it.

Manual Backups

It's always good practice to frequently copy the Optuma folder in your Documents library to an external drive, USB stick, or cloud drive in case your C:\ drive fails completely.

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