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Optuma End-of-Day Data Selections

Optuma provides end-of-day data to over 40 global exchanges (including equity, commodity, fundamental, forex, and economic data). To modify the data you have access to see the bottom of the page.

If you are looking for a particular chart and not sure what exchange it is listed on use the online search facility to check our entire database using Name, Symbol, ISIN or FIGI code:

Optuma Symbol Search

The results will include the exchange the symbol can be found in, as well as the amount of historical data we have available.

Available Data Selections

  1. Australian Equities
  2. Australian Fundamentals (requires Australian Equities)
  3. Australian Chi-X Exchange
  4. Australian Commodities (including SPI200)
  5. New Zealand Equities
  6. US Equities (NASDAQ, NYSE & Amex)
  7. US Fundamentals (requires US Equities)
  8. US Commodities (including Gold, Oil, S&P e-mini futures, wheat, soybeans, etc)
  9. US Indices (S&P and Dow Jones global sector indices)
  10. CBOE Indices* (volatility indices (eg VIX, VVIX, VXN), SKEW index, Buy/Write indices) *additional $25/month fee
  11. US Mutual Funds
  12. US OTCBB Equities ("penny stocks")
  13. Breadth Measures for ASX, US, and Canadian exchanges (eg % above 50MA, Advance/Decline lines)
  14. COT Data (Commitments of Traders)
  15. Canadian TSX Equities (includes TSX Venture Exchange)
  16. Canadian TSX Fundamentals (requires TSX Equities)
  17. Canadian TSX Indices
  18. London LSE Equities
  19. London LSE Fundamentals (requires LSE Equities)
  20. Foreign Exchange cross rates
  21. Crypto Currencies (including BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Ripple in USD, AUD, JPY, EUR)
  22. World Indices (Dow Jones, S&P500, FTSE100, DAXX, Nikkei, etc)
  23. Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED)
  24. Access to Nasdaq Data Link (formerly Quandl) databases
  25. Euronext Equities (Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon)
  26. Major Euro Equities (German Xetra, Swiss, Chi-X, Milan, Russia, NYSE Euronext LIFFE)
  27. Minor Euro Equities (Warsaw, Ireland, Russia, Athens, Austria, Bratislava, Muscat, Madrid, Budapest, SWX, Prague, Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn)
  28. European Commodities
  29. Nordic Equities (OMX Nordic, OMX Copenhagen, OMX Helsinki, OMX Iceland, Oslo Bors)
  30. Asian Commodities
  31. Chinese Equities
  32. Chinese Fundamentals (requires Chinese Equities)
  33. Japan Equities
  34. Japan Fundamentals (requires Japan Equities)
  35. NSE India Equities
  36. Hong Kong Equities
  37. Hong Kong Fundamentals (requires Hong Kong Equities)
  38. Singapore Equities
  39. Korean Equities
  40. Taiwan Equities
  41. Malaysian Equities
  42. Vietnamese Equities
  43. Indonesian Equities
  44. Mexican Equities
  45. Brazilian Equities
  46. Chilean Equities
  47. Tel Aviv Equities
  48. Turkish Equities
  49. Optuma Symbol Lists (constituents of a number of global indices, eg S&P500, ASX200, FTSE100)

Modifying your Data Selection

To change you data selection click the My Account link on the welcome screen when you log in to Optuma, or click here to sign in with your username and password:

My Account Page

On your account page, navigate to the Products page, and select Modify Exchanges under the Data Products section:

Once an exchange has been added click the Save button at the bottom of the page. Restart Optuma and you will be prompted to download the historical data for the exchange you just added.

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