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Fundamental Data


Optuma allows you to access Fundamental data (eg market cap, sector, P/E ratios) for the ASX, US and Canadian equity exchanges. Note that you must have the relevant equity exchange enabled on your account before the fundamental data can be added.

To modify your data package log in to your account page and scroll down to the Data section:

My Account page

To see what's included in the Fundamental data see here.

With Fundamental data enabled on your account, watchlists opened for the ASX, US and Canadian exchanges will display additional column options under Fundamental Field when you click the plus + icon to add a new column:

TIP: When you hover over the fundamental labels, an expanded description will appear on the right-hand side.

Use the search box to find the data needed:

When you add Fundamental columns to the Watchlist, the values will download and update automatically. You can add numerous fundamental columns to a Watchlist:

Additionally, you can click and drag a Fundamental column onto a chart, to plot historical values along the bottom of the chart...

Custom Script columns can also be setup referencing fundamental data using the DataField() function. In the following example the Dividend Rate is being referenced in the script in the Show View tool:


It's also possible to use multiple fundamental values in a formula, e.g. the ratio of assets to liabilities:


Website Field

One of the fundamental fields included is the company website. Double-clicking on the URL in the watchlist column will open the company's primary corporate website on your default web browser:

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