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Watchlist Custom Colours & Labels


Custom colours and labels can be set up to display on script columns.

For example, if you have a custom ranking system between 1 and 3, by default the Watchlist column will return one of those 3 values, however with custom labels you can set up more meaningful labels (and colours) to display in the Watchlist:

In the above example custom labels have been set up for the last column where 1 = Bearish, 2 = Hold, 3 = Bullish.

To set p custom labels, right click on the column header (it must be a script column) and expand the Custom Labels section.

Click on the + to setup the first label.

The conditions for the label can be set based on the following options:

  • >     Greater Than
  • <     Less Than
  • >=   Greater Than or Equal To
  • <=   Less Than or Equal To
  • ==   Equal To

In the event a value meets two condition labels, it will use which ever is highest in the list.  You can change the order of a condition by the far right drag / drop icon.

You can also select a colour for the label to display in.

With the label there are a few options. You can enter in a plain text label, display the underlying original value (so you're just adding a colour rule), or you can do both.

To show the underlying value ensure the Label field includes [Value]

The [Value] label will take into account any formatting made to the column (for example if the column was changed to a percentage).

Note: With the update to Optuma v1.3 the text colour of the custom labels will auto swap to white when the background colour is dark, or black if the background colour is light.

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